Saturday, 9 May 2009

Splurge V's Save

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I have decided to start a bit of new feature on the blog. I am going to use some of the information that I get, from hundreds of other retailers and brands, every week and pick a product and do a comparison with something similar that I currently have hanging on my rails!

Some weeks this will be a “Splurge V’s Save” and others I may just use the opportunity to highlight some of the lesser known brands that I have on offer and show what they are doing that is “ on trend” or in line with what the big designers are doing.

I have decided to start with summer weight scarves!

Every week (sometimes twice) I get an email from highlighting all of the amazing new styles that they have on offer. I usually take a bit of time to browse (and drool) through their online selection. I tend to head straight over to the shoes and accessories (shoes I love and would rather spend little on the dress and lots on the shoes - and accessories, well that is about how far my budget will stretch for designer goods at the moment!).

I saw the Roberto Cavalli Abstract Print Pashmina a week or two ago and instantly was drawn to it. I love the various shades of green and just the general look of the item. But at £553, man, there is no way I could afford that!
Imagine my delight when I returned from my holiday to find a beautiful summer weight scarf in an order from Skunk Funk - an amazing brand that I stock!
It is a similar style and it is also the most beautiful shades of green and it is a TINY fraction of the price tag that the Roberto Cavalli.
Even though the SkunkFunk scarf is not cashmere I think it is beautiful summer scarf and well worth the £15 price tag!


Stacy said...

I have this patterned summer weight scarf I bought at Target for $14 and people have asked if it is Banana Republic.... always a good feeling!

Great new blog feature.

Anonymous said...

Great feature!! Also, love the name Skunk Funk. tee-hee :-)

Jane said...

Great idea BG! Paying for name brand, over-priced items is so yesterday (I refuse to pay top dollar just because someone's name is on the label), style is the name of the game. Ideas pop up every where, and I think yours is great! I do pay top dollar for handbags, shoes, and coats, but I will buy less expensive clothing and accessorize accordingly. Being well put together should not break your bank account! I have many expensive items that are style main stays, and build around that.

Sher said...

Great idea to add this to your blog! Thank you!

SHOEGAL said...

Fab new feature! And I love the Skunk Funk scarf just as much as the expensive one.