Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tuesday 05.05.

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TA DAH!!!!!!

So, this is my take on Mexican Embroidery and I have to say that I am very happy with how this look turned out!

This is only the second time that I have worn this dress and the last time was last week in the Bahamas! Me wearing the dress last week!

I love this dress so much (hello it has orange details - I <3> it).

Today it is raining, it is windy and it has gotten kind of cold. The customer that have been in so far have given me an odd look....... One that you might give if you saw someone running at high speed from a secure unit - kind of awe/horror!
But hey I am all about the fashion and I am going to wear the styles that I love even if the weather does resemble winter!!??

Today's outfit is:

Sequin & embroidery detail dress - French Connection
Cream cardigan - French Connection
Orange wedge sandals - Next


SHOEGAL said...

I was just about to ask how warm it was there! Thought we were missing something with the wind and rain here!

Kimberly said...

OMG I love that dress! Customers are looking because they are jealous!!!