Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday 18.10.


This waistcoat/dress/tunic has been in my eBay pile for longer than I care to admit. I saw it this morning and decided to give it one last wear - well see if I like it enough to bring it out of the pile. I have to say that I am unsure. I do not dislike it but it now is a little too big for me and I just do not think that it is me anymore.

So, it is 5 weeks until we are heading off on holiday to Orlando and I really need to list a huge amount of things on eBay to get some funds together. I just can not seem to motivate myself to actually get this done. Wish me luck for this evening - N is working late so I need to spend an hour just doing it!

Today's look is:

Waistcoat - SkunkFunk
Leggings - Blend
T-shirt - Primark
Boots - Bakers

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