Monday, 23 June 2008

Just To Answer!

I have had a few comments from readers recently asking how I went about setting up my business, so I thought I would take a few moments to try my best and explain just how I went about it.

I am a bit unsure where to start, so here goes!
I have been working in retail (in one form or another) since I was 14 years old (13 years!!). I got my first job in a local mini-market, I worked one evening after school and at the weekends. A few years later I moved jobs to a local pharmacy were I helped out with the selling of cosmetics and medicines. I stayed in this particular field until 1 year ago! I did change positions and companies a few times, but stayed within retail pharmacy!

I have no fashion degree, I have never worked in a fashion outlet other than my own!
But, I love fashion, I am perfectly happy with my personal style and I am not afraid to give my customers my honest opinion.
As well as this, I am a people person I am upbeat and bubbly (well most of the time) I love the styles that I stock and this does come across to my customers.

Last year I started to have a bit of a rough time at work and I was starting to get very down about it. every other aspect of my life was fantastic which was making work even harder to deal with. We moved into our first home together and I quickly noticed that the town we had moved to was lacking a shop for the 20 - 40 year old woman. My boyfriend and I then headed to Cuba for a 2 week holiday where we put a plan together!

We returned home and started looking for premises, the shop that I rent we managed to secure very quickly which meant that I had to work fast.
I spent all of my spare time checking out brands that I like on the Internet. Once I had a list of labels that I wanted to stock I began to call and email them. Eventually I had a small list of supplier that would see me, and most importantly sell me stock for the current season. Fashion buyers buy their stock 6 months in advance, so I did have some very frustrating moments!

So, I placed my orders, bought my shop fittings and then set about turning the space into the shop that I now love! I finished up at my job in the pharmacy 2 weeks before I had my grand opening. Those were the most stressful 2 weeks of my life so far. I have never done so much physical labour or worried so much about what I was doing!

So basically I saw a gap in the market and jumped straight in and followed what had always been a dream. I do not regret my decision or the way that I went about setting up as I may never have done this at all had I sat down and thought too much about what was ahead! If I was to do it all again the only thing that I would change, would be the amount of money that I had behind me. I did not have a back up account for any unexpected expenses and I have had one or two sticky situations. Also, I would have had at least 2 labels secured before I secured premises, as this would have eased the pressure a little.

My advice is, if you are passionate about fashion, have support for the months (years ahead) and can see a space for you and your business then GO FOR IT!!!


Sugar Rush said...

Thank you for telling your "story". We dream of one day opening our own dessert shoppe and reading how you opened your own shop provided some insight and gave inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! Your response is extremely helpful and inspiring! Thanks again!!!

Boutique Girl said...

You are very welcome! Thank you guys for reading my little blog!
I hope you to get the chance to go for your dreams!

Sugar Rush said...

Can I ask a possibly personal question? If you don't want to respond, that's fine. Or if you'd prefer to email, that's fine too ( Did you save up before opening your shop? Break into your personal savings? Our main concern right now is the financial aspect and we'd love some insight from someone who's done it.