Wednesday, 11 June 2008


What a busy morning I have had!! I was updating the window display (this for me always involves making very much of a mess). The town gala is this week and the shops are all entered into a window display competition - the theme is "Summer". So, I was in the midst of this when I got a delivery of new styles. Now, I am never one to moan about getting new styles in to sell, but why do they always come on days where I have a list of things to do?

To top this off I have had 3 different friends pop in to see me this morning - again lovely and not something to complain about, but, one a day would be a better spread, and I feel, would keep me far more entertained!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black ribbed leggings - Vila
Cream tunic top - Vila
Cream cami - Primark
Black and Silver beads - H&M
Black and cream bangle - H&M
Cream and black ballet flats - New Look


Sugar Rush said...

Can you share a picture of the finished window display? Would love to see how it looks!

Boutique Girl said...

This is the view from inside the shop. I will try and take some more pics from outside tomorrow (when the street is a little quieter).

SHOEGAL said...

I love the blue dress in the window! I wish I lived near your shop so I could come see what you have in stock. Love the umbrellas too, perfect touch for a British summer.

Boutique Girl said...

The dress is great, it has been very popular. Such a cute style in a very striking colour!