Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I have a few new pieces from the delivery that I got on Friday, the top that I have on today is one and I have another top that I can not wait to wear. So far I have sold 2 of the blouse that I am wearing today - so I can head home today without any guilt!

My boyfriend and I have decided to get our heads down for a few months and economise. We have a very nice standard of living and we would like to keep this up (to an extent) but we have no savings to speak of, and our cost of living is creeping up and up. We also discovered that we are unaware of where a chunk of our money goes every month.......

So, we have moved some money on credit cards to better options, we have a new home phone and broadband provider, we have changed every light-bulb to an energy saver, we have applied for a free water butt, we have down graded to supermarket own brand products where possible the list goes on and so far we set to save ourselves a nice bit of cash every month.

Last night as my boyfriend was neck deep in spread sheets detailing our finances, I took a trip to our box room (aka general dumping ground for all kinds of crap). I filled a bag of things that we have not used in the last year and I am going to stick them on Ebay. While I was in there I found a handbag that I had forgotten about (shame on me, I know). I did not want to have to Ebay it, so it is my bag of choice today! I do feel an entire wardrobe clear out coming on though....

Today's outfit consists of:

Straight leg dark denim jeans - Vila
Cheese cloth with floral detail blouse - Vila
White cami - Primark
Blue patent ballet flats - Primark
Chunky silver necklace - Tiffany


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous top - you look fabulous.

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you very much! It was lovely to wear, nice and cool!

SHOEGAL said...

Fab shoes and I like the bag!

Boutique Girl said...

I have the bag with me again today - I had forgotten just how much stuff it can hold!