Thursday, 19 June 2008

Time Off, Saturday to Wednesday.

I'm back!!!

I have had a lovely few days off, I feel very refreshed and very positive about all of the up-coming projects. I have thought a lot about what I would like to achieve from the shop in the next 12 months!

Anyway, I have said that I was off from Saturday through to today (Thursday) this was the case, but I did have to put in a very quick 2 hour shift on Monday morning. So, here is my recap of my little break.

Saturday - Wedding.

Our very good friends were getting married in their home town (Fort William- 3hrs 30mins away) and we were very lucky to be invited to join them on their special day. Our original plan was to leave from work on the Friday night and travel through and stay an extra night. However, there was a rather large Hill Walking Challenge taking place and we could not get a room anywhere.

So, on Saturday morning at 8am we set off, we planned to stop in the West end of Glasgow to get our button holes (to try and keep them as fresh as possible - silk flowers are a no-no with me) and to get a bit of breakfast. After the quick stop we headed onwards and upwards. It was a beautiful day for the drive, not too bright but nice and dry. It is a very, very winding road up the West Coast of Scotland to Fort William, but a very beautiful drive. We were both enjoying the views of Loch Lomond, Glen Coe etc when we realised that we were losing time.

In a panic, I scrambled into the back of the car to fetch my make-up, one less job to do when we reached the hotel. Eventually we arrived at the hotel........ 15 minutes before the ceremony started. We ran to our room and had the quickest change of our lives. We then asked for directions to the church. More panic when we were informed the church was 12 miles away!!

Picture of me in my dress (pale green chiffon) and heels (pewter Christian Louboutin), and my lovely boyfriend in his kilt!

We hot footed it to the car and took off at great speed. We were making really good progress when the brakes were slammed on..........
Up ahead were the wedding cars!!!!! We were following the bride!
At the church the car was abandoned, the bride was exiting on the right of her car, so we ran down the left had side and made it to the church just on time (we were not even the last guests to arrive!!).

The ceremony was beautiful, the church was beautiful, the views from the church and the location were outstanding, but the bride was stunning!
The rest of the day and night was fantastic, lots of good food, wine, company and dancing.

Beautiful view from inside the Church!
View once we got outside the church.


After a late night we forced ourselves to get up early have breakfast and get on the road home. We were home by lunch-time, so we went to meet my boyfriend's mum and her husband for some lunch. I then headed to see my dad and my boyfriend to see his (get the Fathers Day duties out of the way).

It was a beautiful day, so when visiting was done my boyfriend came to get me at my parents house and we stayed and ate dinner out on the patio.

Outfit: linen crop trousers, striped vest, white cotton cardigan.

My birthday!!
As I said I went into work briefly, then I walked home in time for the lunch plans that had been made for me. I was not told what they were in advance, but I was very pleased to find out that we were going on a picnic!!

We stopped in at Tesco to get our lunch (Sushi for me, pasta salad for my boyfriend) and headed to a local park. The weather was fantastic and we spent nearly 3 hours lying in the sun chatting, eating and enjoying an extra together.
My yummy sushi.

My birthday cake!

In the evening we went to dinner at a local restaurant, where I gorged on amazing local Seafood!! Yum, yum! We had some wine with dinner and then walked home where a bottle of champagne had been chilling while we were out. We enjoyed this while watching a bit of T.V.
No outfit picture, but this is the top and necklace I wore, I got them for my birthday from my sister.


The weather was awful, so we had a lazy breakfast while we decided what to do. In the end we settled with doing some errands that we had been putting of for ages. It was a great feeling when they were all done!

In the evening we had some friends round for a casual dinner (Chilli) and we then all headed out to the pub quiz. My parents came and met us for a few hours and helped us to win the quiz!!


Last day off, but it was a good one. I had an appointment in the morning with one of my suppliers. So, we decided to structure our day around this. The appointment was in Glasgow, so we got an early train, had the meeting and then started our day out.

After the work stuff was out of the way we headed back to the city centre grabbing lunch to eat in the sun. After lunch we had a wander around the shops (not clothes shopping though) I bought some thank you cards to send for my gifts.

We then headed to the cinema to catch Indiana Jones. It was not starting for about an hour, so we went round the corner to a nice little bar got a drink and I wrote my thank you notes and got them mailed off.

The movie was great (I had never seen any of the other Indiana Jones movies) and it was so nice to do something a bit different in the afternoon.
Afterwards, we again, wandered about the shops and then headed for some dinner. We ended up in lovely pizza place and shared a bottle of nice wine.

We caught an early train home and on the walk home we stopped and bought some Cheesecake to have for dessert!

No outfit picture again, but I wore another new top (birthday gift from my parents) with my black skinny jeans and my red ballet flats.


SHOEGAL said...

Sounds like you had a lovely few days off and it's great to see what you look like!

Sugar Rush said...

love the dress you wore to the wedding! and you & your bf make a great couple!

sounds like it was a very nice, much needed break.

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you! It was a lovely break and even though we were not away it was very refreshing!