Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Soap and Glory - Clean on Me.

I was given this product as a gift last week for my birthday. I have been using it everyday since.
It is fantastic!!

First of all, it is a huge bottle (well for shower gel it is) 500ml, it also has a pump dispenser which makes for very easy use in the shower. I feel that the pump dispenser will also make this huge bottle last even longer, as there will not be loads of product pouring through the fingers and down the drain.
As well as the great size bottle "Clean on Me" has a fabulous price tag too. It is £4.99!! I know that it is available from Boots and some other outlets in the UK.

I use "Clean on Me" with my trusty shower puff (an exfoliating net) and it gives a great amount of thick and creamy lather. Two pumps onto my shower puff gives enough lather for my entire body.
As soon as the lather starts the most amazing smell hits you. I would describe the scent as clean and zingy (vague, I know) excellent for a morning wake me up.

The Boots website says:

Already a wildly a popular pick this super-sized shower gel has a bonus - built in body lotion - so you can get clean, smooth, sexy skin simultaneously.Fragranced with Soap & Glory's addictive signature scent and rich & creamy texture, we're classifying Clean On Me with 'must-have' status.

Clean Day: Apply a handful of Clean On Me to damp skin, rub it into a thick, luxurious lather, and then rinse. Follow with The Righteous Butter or Easy Glistening Body Softening Spray.

Smells like: Laundry-fresh bergamot, strawberries and mandarin with floral and fruity mid tones, and musk, amber and warm vanilla.

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