Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I Can Not Wait!!

I have just spoken to my lovely boyfriend on the phone and...........
He is taking me to see "Sex and the City" tonight. I can not wait, I put off going to see it as I did not want to get there and be turned away due to tickets selling out (if this happens this evening I may just die).

I know by now most die hard fans have seen the movie and either loved it or hated it. I have managed to stay away from spoilers and all other information on the plot twists and turns etc. I just know that I will all but run home from work now!


SHOEGAL said...

What did you think then? I went again last night and it was busier than when I saw it the first time! Loved it both times and will definitely be buying the DVD.

Boutique Girl said...

I LOVED it!!!!!! I can not wait to have my very own copy on DVD! I have been looking into downloading the soundtrack too!