Monday, 9 June 2008

The Weekend.

My weekend officially got hectic as of 2pm on Friday, a courier arrived with 4 boxes of new styles for me. This was fantastic as it meant I had loads of new stock for the weekend shoppers, but the timing of the delivery was just the worst. Friday lunch time is busy time for me, Friday is payday for a lot of people so with money in their pockets they tend to pop out to the shops on their lunch hour. There are also those that finish early or half day, who again, use the time to head to the shops before the push and pull of a Saturday afternoon.

Basically the shop well and truly looked like a bomb had gone off, I had things everywhere!!

It must have been a good omen though, as the weather, for the remainder of the weekend, was fabulous, the shop was busy and I had a lovely afternoon in the garden on Sunday.

Saturday was a great trading day and topped off by being taken out for dinner by my boyfriend. We went to a cafe bar across from my shop and met his sister and her one year old son.
On Sunday I was up and about early to get the most of the good weather, I got the food shopping out of the way and then headed into town as I had to get a pashmina to wear over my dress for the wedding that we are going to on Saturday. Thankfully I got it and my outfit is now complete.
The remainder of the afternoon was spent pottering about in the garden. I finally got all of my pots and hanging baskets finished.

We then had a nice summer dinner and ate outside on the deck before going a nice long stroll along the beach to walk it all off.

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