Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A bit of Spring!

I am starting to get Spring Fever!

It started for real at the weekend when the weather turned very nice, sunny and mild and the bf and I were able to get outside and get some work done in the garden!
In the last few days since we cleared away all of the dead leaves that winter left behind all of the Spring flowers have really started to come through.

In the back garden and in the pots at the front door the Daffodils are in full bloom and they are just so bright and cheery. I love Daffodils they are one of my favorite flowers for the simple reason that I can not help but smile when I see them!

So because of that I decided to buy some cut Daffodils for the shop - to inject some Spring cheer!
Don't they just look beautiful??


Anonymous said...

Love them! Daffodils totally equal spring to me!

Boutique Girl said...

Me too! They look so beautiful and they smell amazing too!

Stacy said...

How springy and wonderful... I love having flowers around.

Ally said...

Daffodils are some of my favorites too - I love seeing them popping up along side the road and around houses :)