Monday, 30 March 2009

Monday 30.03.

March is almost over - I can not believe how quickly this month has gone!

It is only 3 weeks today until we head out to the Bahamas - I am so, so excited! I ordered the last of our sun creams last night and I got the toiletries organised yesterday. I am now going to try and iron one outfit for each of us per night (I hate ironing so I think that spreading it out may help me actually get it done). Other than that all that is left to organise is the currency, but we are going to hold off until nearer the time as the exchange rate is so bad at the moment!

The clocks went forward on Sunday and I really struggled to get motivated this morning. I was kind of expecting to feel that way so I picked out a basic outfit for today. But once I was dressed I felt that it was just a bit too blah - I added my bright Coach scarf at my neck and I feel much brighter!

Today's outfit is:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Black long sleeved t-shirt - Primark
Cream cardigan - French Connection
Cream and black shoes - Primark
Scarf - Coach


Kimberly said...

That cardigan is so super cute! I am super jealous of your Bahamas trip too!

Boutique Girl said...

Thanks - I love wearing it as it is so comfy! I am so excited about our trip - I am super organised so far with my ironing and already having the sunscreen etc!

Zuzuli said...

I love your organizational skills! Starting that far ahead is a fantastic idea! And love the cream cardigan...I love anything cream!

Jane said...

It sounds as if you are well ahead of the game, planning and organization helps things run so much smoother.......I hope you have a great trip! That cardigan is really sweet. Speaking of fashion, what do you have that was flying off your shelves last week??

My Shenanigans said...

I love the cardi scarf combo!