Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wenesday 11.03.

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At the weekend I decided to have a clear out of my underwear and PJ drawers - 5 drawers in total (and quite a task). I was fed up with having to stuff and squeeze things in! So I pulled all of the drawers out of their chests and put them all on top of the bed and got to work.
I decided to sort the underwear into matching sets, matching cotton basics, perfect socks (ie no miss matched pairs - under boots I do not care - or holes) tights that are of a good fit and that are perfect.
Well I filled a kitchen bin bag with miss matched underwear, single socks and uncomfortable tights.

I then got to work on the PJ's - I have a LOT of them. When I get home at night I change out of my daily outfit and into PJ's, if we go out I get dressed again. I love them I love to get new pairs as gifts, I love to treat myself to new ones for no reason and I like a new pair for going on holiday etc. However, I tend to wear my 4 favorite pairs over and over (wash, dry, wear). I also have my all time favorite pair that are honestly about 8 years old (my mum has given the shorts new elastic at the waist twice, the top has holes in the underarm etc) they are my sick PJ's!!!
Well they went in the bin bag too!! Along with the ones that are just not comfy to sleep in, the ones that I can not hang out the washing or take the bin out in (too short, too see through etc).

It was great - I now know that everything that I kept is not falling apart, uncomfortable or just not me. I can also open and close my drawers with ease and without stuff springing out at me! I also found things buried way in the depths of drawers that I had forgotten all about!!
So the point of the story just told - today's tights!!! Totally forgot they existed!

Today's outfit is (created round the tights):

Black jersey dress - Vila

Black cropped cardigan - Primark

Black cami (not seen) - Primark

Pink footless tights - Primark (I think)

Scarf worn as belt (sorry Kimberly for ripping off your idea AGAIN) - Vila

Shoes - Nine West

Necklace and earrings - Made by Me


Passion4Fashion said...

Doesn't cleaning feel good!
I love your outfit today. The pop of pink color is great.

I heart your shoes!

Zuzuli said...

Great colour mixing!!

Kimberly said...

I love the tights and those shoes are hot! As for the scarf, rip away, my dear! I definitely didn't invent the style and that scarf works so well as a belt it would be a shame not!

Milly said...

love the whole look!