Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday 27.03.

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Yes I have decided to be brave and start losing the tights and leggings. I had my first go with the self tanner last night and I am pretty pleased with the glow that I have (but I think I will put another layer on tonight to make my legs a bit darker!)

These cute little dresses came into stock this week and I took one home there and then. I love the little bird print, the length and it has the nicest little sleeve - I am looking forward to not having to wear the cardigan over it!

Tonight is the charity fashion show that I am taking part in (well I am showing 10 outfits from the shop) and I am a little nervous. There is nothing more that I can do know other than turn up and watch the show. Please all keep your fingers crossed that it goes without any hitches!

Today's outfit is:

Cream bird print dress - Vila
Cami (not seen) - Primark
Black cardigan - Vila
Boots - River Island
Necklace - New Look


My Shenanigans said...

I love this outfit! That dress is awesome, love the print!

Jane said...

Love the whole look BG! Kind of has that feminine sassy kick to it.....I so love birds....the dress would look great with a pair of black patent leather strappy heels and a black patent leather belt too.....As for your charity show contribution, make sure you sit in the front row looking smashing (as always) and confident, and you will be a hit! ;)

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you both!

Jane - I am going to try and get there as early as I can to get the best seat possible!

Jane said...

PS.....I forgot to mention, the fashions hanging behind you in the photo look fabulous as well! I am off to do a bit of Spring shopping on Monday, and seeing that is certainly putting me in the mood! :)

Kimberly said...

That dress is adorable! Have a great weekend and I am sure the 10 outfits you have in the fashion show are absolutely adoable!

ediretnati said...

wow.... nice clothes!!! I'm enjoy to read your blog...... be my friend, ok?

SHOEGAL said...

Love this outfit! The dress is fab and you are so brave getting your legs out already - it's still way too cold here.

Boutique Girl said...

Shoegal - thank you I loved wearing it - it felt very nice and pretty! It really still is too cold here too, but I am determined to try anything that makes me feel more spring like! Hopefully in the next week or so it will be bare legs all the time!

*Diane* said...

love the whole look! and i want your necklace!