Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saturday 28.03.

I am afraid I have no outfit picture today. My bf is off on a Stag Weekend to Edinburgh and he has taken BOTH of our cameras! I am not sure why he needs 2 - but I am sure I will find out when he returns on Sunday night!

Last night went very well, around 300 people attended the fashion show and I did not see too many faces that I recognised, so I am hoping that I will get some new customers from it!
The outfits went down very well, the girls all looked fab in the bright dresses etc that I picked out. And so far today I have sold a dress and clutch bag that one of the girls was wearing!

As I am alone tonight (and this has been a busy week) I have decided that I am going to go home and get my chores done as quickly as I can, after everything is all neat and tidy I am going to treat myself to a Chinese take-away I think I will then watch a film on the sofa!

I have decided to have a go at getting my tomatoes and rocket started tomorrow - I am quite excited about the thought of being able to eat what I grow! I then have to head into town to get the bits and bobs that we need for our holiday. There is not too much on the list so fingers crossed I manage to get it all in one go!

I hope you guys all have a good weekend!


Jane said...

Gosh BG, hope the bf got twice as many pictures to share with you! Ha!
Great news on the charity event, here's hoping it brings twice as many new customers your way.....Good luck with your green thumb, I am sure you will do great.......hope you had a great weekend as well. :)

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you Jane, I had a lovely relaxing weekend. The weather was beautiful yesterday so I got lots done in the garden. It turns out that he took to cameras away but only had the battery for one!!