Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday 16.03.

Forgive me for this super casual outfit! I am not feeling the best (I have not been for a few days now) and I am only in work for the morning. I lots of errands to do when I finish and really if I am honest I just could not be bothered to think about what I was going to wear today.

I aim to have my errands done as quickly as possible so that I can get home get some cleaning out of the way and them cook up some meals for the coming week. I do hope at some point during the weekend to relax with my book and one of the muffins that I baked yesterday!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here - it was SPRING!! We got up early got the food shopping done quickly, had breakfast together, went and met family for coffee and catch up. The bf and I then went to feed the ducks (with our stale bread) and this was all before 1pm! After lunch we spent a fantastic few hours out getting out garden ready for all of the things that we have planned! I love days like that!

Today's outfit is:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Grey bow detail knit - Vila
Black patent ballet flats - Old Navy