Saturday, 7 March 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic......

I had to write a bit about the movie as I was so pleasantly surprised!!

I went with pretty low hopes as I enjoyed the books so much - I read them as they came out and I have re-read all of them (they are the ultimate beach read for me). I had even lower hope of what Isla Fisher was going to do with the role!

Isla I take it all back - you were just fabulous, not to mention hilariously funny. I loved how "out there" Becky's style was.
I want a pair of orange leather gloves for next winter and I am on the eBay hunt already. I also have to mention the bridesmaid dress!! It was so UGLY that it was just fabulous!

I went to the movie with my friend who is getting married 7 weeks today (in the Bahamas) and I joked that I wanted multi-coloured tulle for under my dress!

If you have not seen the movie go out and see it - even just for the comedy factor or the designer label spotting!

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