Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Was it me, two days ago, that said "Yay for March?" Hhmm, I think it was - well I take it back!! What is with the snow being back?? Now I love the snow as much as the next person at Christmas, or when I have no where to go, but when I have to walk to work and then rely on customers to be out and about and want to walk into my little shop?? Not so much!!

Ah, but even the snow making my day quiet and uneventful can not keep me down as I am just so excited!!!
Last night the bf and I finally got booked up to go to our very good friends wedding......... in the BAHAMAS!!!!!

Oh yes Paradise Island here I come!!!

In roughly 6 weeks time, so let the diet and serious beauty regime begin!!


Anonymous said...

One word - AWESOME!

Jane said...


Zuzuli said...

I hear ya about the snow...I wish it would snow on December 23 and leave on January 2.
Enjoy your trip...and the countdown to it as well :)

Boutique Girl said...

Kimberly & Jane - I KNOW!!! We have been talking about going and looking for months - I am so excited that we are actually booked up!!