Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday 22.02.


I am having some time off at the weekend so I am in work today. I have not slept too well over the weekend and the weather has been great, so we have made the most of it by going long walks with the puppy, and I am rather tired today.

We are currently going through another cold snap (no snow but lots of frost and bright days) so I decided to go with a cosy cowl neck, knit tunic and my Ugg boots for today.

Just to clarify (after my earlier post) I do not see Ugg boots as fashion boots either. I have them as casual comfy boots, for days where I am walking a lot and want warm feet. Or to wear around the house and tuck yoga pants into. I do not think of Ugg boots as fashion boots - I would not wear them to go on a night out with the girls! But at the moment (6 months pregnant) they are just what I need to keep me upright, warm and comfy!

Today's outfit is:

Knit tunic - Topshop
Leggings - Primark
Boots - Ugg


Week 2 of the home manicures and so far all is well. I think my nails are in nice order, they are shaped and polished and so far I have had no breaks. Decided to go with a nice bright red to cheer up the last of the February days - while I wait on my Essie polishes to arrive!


Clare said...

I LOVE that cowl-neck sweater!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I wear my Uggs to walk the dog and little else. I agree with that you say.

RETRO REVA said...

Nice to meet you! I have been popping in alot, but am new to the blog-o-sphere and am having troubles getting my "link lists" and "blog rolls" going! that darn computer ! Anyhoo, I love your blog and you have my dream job ! I too think uggs are appropriately named ! I wear mine around the house. Although they sure are comfy! I just discovered a great comfy flop at Sears / K-mart ,but forget the name! Yikes! something about comfort, and the sole is soo cushy. Not stylish, but comfy!