Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday 19.02.


It is Friday again - they seem to be coming around really fast at the moment......

I ended up having a bit of a later night than planned last night and I am very sleepy today. I thought that to combat the sleepiness I should wear something fabulous.


These studded waistcoats came into stock a few weeks ago and I LOVE them. I think they are going to work in so many ways and with so many items no matter what the season - I hope to be able to try it with safari shorts and a white t-shirt in the summer.

I think that it works well with the colours in the tunic and it prompted me to wear bashed gold/bronze cuff that I have not worn for such a long time!
I seem to have lost the love for jewellery whilst pregnant. I am sure it will return, although how well it will work with a baby - I am not sure!!

I have had a busy day cleaning and changing the window display, shifting stock around and chatting a serving the customers that have ventured out on this cold but very sunny day. I shall be having an easy, relaxing night and hopefully weekend.

Today's outfit is:

Stripe tunic - Vila @ i am.....
Leggings - Target
Waistcoat - BlendShe @ i am.....
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Forever 21
Cuff - Banana Republic


~Hurricane B~ said...

I agree, that is a lovely wasitcoat, vest. I think it is awesome. You will get your jewelry in, just not at first.=) Have a good weekend.

Clare said...

Coolest vest ever! I love it!

ss said...

love the vest--you're not shipping anything to the US by any chance, are you?? I would wear it with my 22 week bump in a minute!

Brianna said...

This vest is brilliant! And yes, I love your future ideas for how to wear it as well!