Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday 02.02.


I have a pretty rough week ahead. There is lots going on at work and at home, so unfortunately I am counting down until Sunday!

We went to Ikea last night and managed to pick up some fabric for curtains for the babies room!! It was a long day and I was very tired (and I am still today) but I am so happy that I have finally managed to find what I was looking for.

What with this week going to be a rough one I decided to go for a comfy outfit paired with my favorite scarf (seriously, the best item I have ever bought from eBay) and my fabby orange tights. I feel so like me today in this outfit!!

Today's outfit is:

Wrap jersey dress - Gap
Cami - Primark
Scarf - eBay
Tights - SkunkFunk
Necklace - Gift
Shoes - American Eagle


evanadine said...

i love how the scarf + the necklace are the same color -- that way, whether you have the scarf on or off, you basically have the same look! :)

sloth said...

I love the dress!! :D Its a great one :)

Kyla said...

This looks sooo good! I am completely in love with those tights - ESPECIALLY with that scarf!