Friday, 5 September 2008


It has been a strange old week for me. My bf has been working a lot of extra hours and he has not been getting home until I have gone to bed, my family are still all away sunning themselves on their various holidays!
I am very much looking forward to my day off this week - we have no plans what so ever and I am so looking forward to a day of chilling in the house! I even plan to get all of my chores done and out of the way this evening (the bf is going on a night out so i am home alone again!).

The shop was much cooler yesterday, so I decided to start up my layering for the winter months. The heating in the shop is almost non-existent and through the winter months I wear more and more layers of clothing. I have to get some of my winter boots to the cobbler to get the heels etc repaired before they are put into wardrobe rotation!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny jeans - Vila
Brown bib detail t-shirt - Vila
Leopard print cardigan - Forever 21
Leopard print ballet flats - Primark
Wooden bead jewellery - Plume
Beige jacket - Vila

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Clay Perry said...

a day off to do nothing when all your chores are done is a blessing...