Thursday, 4 September 2008


First of all I have to say sorry for the very grumpy face in the pictures! I was at the dentist early this morning with my broken tooth and I was all numb! Thankfully the tooth was saved and not pulled! On top of this I got soaked going from the dentist office to the car - thankfully the rain has now stopped and it has turned into a lovely afternoon! As it is now so nice I think I will take some pictures of things that I really have to get listed on eBay as the light in the shop is very good!

Last nights walk was another long one, I feel so good after I have cooled off and had a shower and I think I am sleeping a bit better for it! I also made myself take an hour to sort out the washing and ironing - so I am now on my way to being on top of it!

I am on my own this evening as my bf is working late, so I think I will have a little pamper night - mani, pedi, face scrub and mask!

Today's outfit consists of:

Grey pin stripe trousers - Blendshe
Plum bib detail jumper - Blendshe
Pewter wedges - Payless
Silver necklaces - H&M
Silver bracelets - Tiffany
Grey coat - Vila


Anonymous said...

I really love your necklaces. They look so pretty.

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you, they are just little £2 ones (nice and cheap) but they really do help lift an outfit!

Anonymous said...

very chic. it just looks perfect.