Saturday, 27 September 2008


The dress that I have on today is a style that I am currently selling in the shop, it was not something that I was going to take for myself, but yesterday a customer was trying it on and noticed that there was a small pull in the front. Better in my wardrobe and wearing at work to advertise the brand!

Last night after work I had a friend come over for dinner, a bottle of wine and a serious catch up. We met 3 years ago when we were the only 2 girls in the place that we worked, we have been great friends ever since. We try to catch up every few months, or as close to that as possible. I made us a simple tomato pasta dish, with a lovely Greek salad on the side. The wine and conversation are always more important that the food!

Today's outfit is:

Black satin dress with amber jewels - Blendshe
Black patterned tights - Tesco
Black boots - Topshop
Gold necklace - H&M
Gold acrylic bangle - Mikey

A close up picture of the jewel detail around the neckline of the dress! My bf asked me why I had army boots on with a dress, I told him I was channelling my inner Carrie!!! He replied "Uugh, bloody Sex and the City!"


The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Oh, that dress is adorable. I have too many lumps and bumps for that material but, it looks great on you!

Sara♥ said...

I'm loving the jewels on the dress! Isn't it funny how the men KNOW when we refrence SATC? I love the pearls, too- gotta get me a set like that!

Londyn said...

sexy sexy!