Friday, 5 September 2008

Victoria's Secret Yoga Pants

I have a quick question for all of you. Are the Victoria Secret yoga pants any good?
I really need some new lounge wear and I have not seen anything that I like. I am watching a few nice looking pairs on eBay and I was wondering if it is worth the hassle of having them shipped from the US?

I would like a smarter pair that I could wear to travel to Orlando in. We are on an early morning flight and we are leaving late November, so we are going to hanging around an airport very early in the morning and it will be very cold and most likely wet!

Any help or other brands to look out for would be great.

This kind of thing but in all black.


southerncouture said...

I used to work at VS, and I must say that you can never go wrong with any of VS's lounge wear. Their yoga pants are comfy and cute. And they last forever. Trust me, I own almost every piece of clothing they have. Word of advice, you may need to order a size smaller than you normally wear, their lounge wear tends to run a tad big.
P.S. Love your blog. I too will be a boutique owner in November, and after viewing your blog, I decided I will be start A store blog of my own. You have really been an inspiration to me. Thanks.

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you for the info! Good luck with the boutique opening (I know how much hard work and how stressful these next few months will be). If you get a chance keep me posted with how you are getting on!

Emily said...

I have two pairs of VS yoga pants that I have had for years and they still look great. I would highly recommend them.