Monday, 22 September 2008

Should I????

It is a local holiday here, the schools are all off and most of the offices and shops around me a closed. So far I have had a quiet day, I decided this morning that if I had no sales by 2pm I would put a sign in the door to say that I would be closing at 4pm. I have had 2 paying customers - Great!

So, new deal with self - as I am here for the rest of the day I am going to make myself as comfy as possible and watch "Sex and the City". I was walking to the bank this morning and could not help but nip into Woolworths and buy a copy!! I do not think that it is bad to watch a (fashion) movie on a quiet day? I mean I will turn it off if I get a customer!!

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SHOEGAL said...

Yay for SATC! Mine should be arriving from Amazon today. I got the 2 disc special edition, so can't wait to see what's on disc 2.