Monday, 22 September 2008

The week ahead!

A new week, thank goodness last we was mega hectic!!
As well as the shop turning a year old we also had plans to go to a friends 60th birthday party (it was a good friends mum). But early on last week we also got a lovely surprise from my bf's sister, she went into labour a week early and had a beautiful baby boy on Tuesday.

Tuesday was a mad day, there was lots and lots of phone calls and message passing going on. And on Tuesday evening we both left work a tiny bit early to drive through to Edinburgh in time for evening visiting. It was a 3 hour round trip - but so worth it to see the brand new bundle. The rest of last week pretty much passed in a stressful blur, finishing up with a hangover (on my part) yesterday!!! Not good for your only day off - but the champagne the night before got me in my vulnerable state! It was pointed out that I could have just said no!?

So, this week should be a much more chilled out affair. We have no plans until we are off on our trip to London and we are both looking forward to quiet evenings in.
We have been turning one of our spare bedrooms into a small sitting room/den and we have the final stages to complete this week. We have been spurred on to do this by the rising energy costs, the room that we are moving to is smaller and is positioned between two other rooms, it also has less windows than our main living room. We hope that we will be able to turn some radiators off and save on fuel bills.

My bf is working away for a couple of days this week too, so I will get a chance to get the household chores up to date. It was only the bare essentials that got done last week.
As for work I am expecting to start taking deliveries of party styles - Christmas sparkly outfits, it is very exciting! It will not be long and I will be getting the Christmas window done!

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