Thursday, 18 September 2008


I have not taken a picture today. The reason for this is, it is quite possibly the worst outfit I have ever worn to work (I suppose it is not that bad, but my messy hair and no make-up added into the mix makes it a bad work look).

My party went very well, lots of people turned up and celebrated with me. Lots of people also made some purchases. There was a lovely atmosphere in the shop everyone was chatting and offering advice to each other about outfits.
I did get changed out of my jeans cardigan combo of yesterday. I put on a lovely navy silk mini-dress (over leggings). I am currently selling the dress in the shop and it is from Mina. It was so comfy to wear and I got lots of nice compliments (and that always feels nice).

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of me in the dress, but I do have pictures of the dress! I love the detail in the back!

It turned out to be a late night, we went for a wind down drink after finishing up. However, I did not do the clearing up before going home!!!! (hence the bad outfit today, as there was lots of cleaning and clearing to do this morning).
Today, so far, has been pretty quiet, which is a good thing as all of the stress and excitement of the last few days has become a migraine which has kindly set up camp right above my left eye! If things stay quiet I may just treat myself to a bit of an early finish!


Anonymous said...

That dress is beautiful!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

I'm sure you look fab no matter what! Hey, if I posted a crappy pic of myself on Monday, you should too. LOL :)

Absolutely love the dress!

SHOEGAL said...

That dress is lovely, you should definitely wear it again so we can see you in it. So glad the party went well and I love your new hair! I'm getting mine done on Thursday.