Monday, 1 September 2008


I had the migraine from hell yesterday, so I had an early night (and a great sleep) but I did not organise an outfit for today, so I turned to one of my trusty outfits.
Today has been another great day lots of customers willing to part with their hard earned cash (my favourite kind of customers). I have also just had a delivery of new stock, so that means much fun to be had tomorrow!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Cream with black detail top - Blendshe
Black necklace - Primark
Cream and Black ballet flats - New Look
Black jacket - Forever 21


workthatwardrobe said...

Sounds like a good day despite your migraine.
Have you found keeping the blog has helped you with your fail-safe staples?

Boutique Girl said...

Yes, I think it has helped! But I find that it has helped more with rotating the things that I have!