Monday, 8 September 2008

The Weekend.

So Saturday night was "date night" and my bf did not disappoint! He took me to a great Japanese restaurant which was fabulous, we had a great meal (I had a lovely glass of wine too) chatted and took in the atmosphere of the place. We will definitely return with friends soon. The only thing that I was not too impressed with was my fortune cookie, it was just not nice! It actually said: A driver of a car is a passenger seeking revenge!

We ate quite early so we were back in our town by about 9pm so we stopped off for a nice quiet drink, picked up a bottle of wine and went home to watch that nights X Factor (which as always was great).

On Sunday I got up early walked along the beach, stopped off to buy some nice things for breakfast and headed home. While I was waiting on my bf to wake I did a little laundry and had a quick tidy up. We had our lovely breakfast then we headed to my parents to make sure all was still as they left it. The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around the house. We then went to my bf's sisters for dinner. My bf's nephew had been at a fancy dress birthday party in the afternoon and he was still dressed as a skeleton when we arrived!

All in all a lovely weekend was had!

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