Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Today has been a very quick day for me! I had arranged for a rep to come in with some Christmas lines and I had also arranged for an electrician to come out - I have a few lights out and the problem is not the bulb! They have both been to see me but while both have been in there has been a continual stream of customers. This is good (well except for when a customer was in the fitting room and the electrician switched the lights off and she was plunged into darkness!!!).

I have been watching the Sex and the City movie in my very quiet moments and the fabulous outfits have made me want to make even more effort with my daily dressing. So much so that I had to wear my favorite boots today - I am so glad that I did!

Today's outfit is:

Black (with grey polka-dot) dress - Blendshe
Black leggings - forever 21
Black cropped cardigan - Primark
Black belt - New Look
Black boots (with patent toe and heel) - Nine West
Black cape style jacket - Vila
Wow, that is a lot of "black" in the one outfit!

My new jacket ( I love the cape style and the waist belt, the jacket has a really nice fine silver thread running through it that you can not see in the pictures) and my favorite boots!


V said...

I love your boots and the overall look of the wear it well!

workthatwardrobe said...

Wow - I have to say you have real sex in the city-d it up today. You look fab, the best outfit I have seen you in so far.
I will have to get the film!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you! I felt great all day. I was busy and I felt really polished, confident and professional!

SHOEGAL said...

Love the boots and love the outfit! You look fantastic, very Carrie & the girls worthy.