Tuesday, 9 September 2008


I got a new pair of shoes on Sunday and I really wanted to wear them this week - they are a summer style and soon they will be at the bottom of the pile!

Today's outfit is:

Coffee baby doll dress - Asda
Brown leggings - Oasis
Brown wedges - Next

This evening I am going out walking with my friend (we are going to make an effort to make it a weekly thing) so I have to hurry home, change and get to her house. We chat so much that we walk for ages and before we know it, it really is too late to be making meals etc. So, we are making an effort to go earlier.


Stacy said...

The wedges are great! I'm such a huge wedge fan - just bought some new black ones.

Erica said...

I love your dress! I wish it were cool enough here to break out the footless tights, but I'd say I have a few months yet.

Also, I wanted to say I really admire you for having your own boutique! I love fashion and clothes so much, and that's something I dream of too, though I'm currently going to law school out of economic necessity. :) But congrats on achieving your dream!