Monday, 22 September 2008


Monday again - is it just me or are the weeks coming round so fast?
Yesterday was not a good day for me, I had a headache (hangover) and had to go off to bed for a few hours in the afternoon!! I got nothing done and I did not manage to plan or even have a think about outfits for this week!

I was still feeling a little tired this morning so, I had a rummage about (through the clean clothes) and found something nice and bright. Today has been the first day that it has felt like autumn - it is fabulous, it is bright a little cooler and there a beautiful fresh smell to the air! Long may it continue!

Today's outfit consists of:

Yellow & black print tunic - Primark
Black long sleeved t-shirt - Primark
Black footless tights - H&M
Black patent ballet flats - Nine West
Silver jewellery - Tiffany

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