Monday, 5 January 2009

Lifestyle Changes.

So I mentioned that this year I have not made a New Years resolution - I always break them and then feel bad about it. I do not want the guilt this year, I do not have the time or the space for it in my life!
I have decided to make some simple (well I hope they are) lifestyle changes. My bf is on this with me which I think will help keep me at it!
This is what I have decided:

Eat better.
Not diet, not cut out the things that I like, but eat better. I started at Weight Watchers at the start of December and so far it is going well, I want it to stay that way but I do not want to get bored and cheat.
I have stocked up our fridge and store cupboards with fresh vegetables, fruits (that are in season) and these are going to form the base of our meals, I have also switched to whole wheat's and grains.
We are both taking a packed lunch with us to work to help us stick to this, that way we both know exactly what we are eating (hopefully it will save us some money too).
We are also going to have dinner no later than 7pm.

Move more.
We cancelled our gym membership in the autumn. I have very little free time and I refused to spend what I had in a gym. However, I still need to exercise so we have decided to walk everywhere that we can. Over the holidays the weather here has been very cold but dry and we have been out walking every single day - so far we have done as little as a mile and as much as 8 miles. Sleep quality has improved already. We have also taken up swimming at the local community pool twice a week. To add to this Santa got me a Wii Fit for Christmas and this is giving the muscle work out and yoga tuition.

Make more time together.
We are both self employed. This means when we are not at work we are not making money and therefore not getting paid. Because of this we both work a lot and this year we had only a week off. We are now going to make a real effort to take small amounts of time off to rest and be together. So far we have planned to be off next Monday afternoon, we are having 4 days off in February when we go on a family break and we are trying to arrange a weekend away in March.
Having the break over Christmas has made us really see what we are missing!

Get green fingers.
We have a beautiful big garden and in the 2 years that we have been in the house we have not done anything with it, so this year we are going to try and stamp our mark on it.
We are going to plant some shrubs to fill in spaces and hopefully grow our own plants to fill summer pots for the patio. I will be trying to keep an update with how it goes!

In short I am aiming to make my life healthier and more out-doorsy!

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ohthatgirl said...

I should have add spend more quality time to my list of things to handle up on for the new year but it's surely something that will last for a few weeks then fall to the side. I'm right there with you with the move more resolution. ;O)s