Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday 17.01.

Thank goodness it if Saturday - I am so ready for some time in the house. The weather forecast is not good for the remainder of the weekend (high winds, low temps and sleet - we never get snow here always the snowy rain mixture) so I am thinking that we will be bundled up in our TV room. I have "P.S. I Love You" (I loved the book and heard a lot of mixed reviews about the movie, but think it is just the kind of thing that will make for a good afternoon) on Sky+ plus some Christmas DVD's that we can work our way through.

We have no plans for this evening and I am pretty pleased about that, I really like to count Saturday evening as some extra time off and when we are heading out or having people round it never feels like a break. So, I am heading home to (hopefully) get out for a walk, make dinner before having a nice hot bath and putting my pj's on!

Today's outfit is:

Satin tunic/dress - Blendshe
Black tights - Primark
Black boots - Nine West
Gold necklace - H&M
Gold Cuff - Banana Republic*

*I spotted this in Banana Republic, when we were in Orlando in November, and could not make up my mind about whether I liked it or not, so I did not buy it. It was a lovely surprise to get it on Christmas morning - I have no idea when my mum snuck back for it!

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Kimberly said...

The book is of course better - so much more detail. However, the movie is cute/sad too. I love seeing the clothes - Hillary Swank's character has some truly great coats and hats. Enjoy and stay warm!