Monday, 19 January 2009


It was just far too fast!

I got home at about 4.35pm on Saturday evening and headed straight for the bath. My bf had been out on his bike in the afternoon, so he was already showered and in pj's. After a relaxing 30 minutes with my book and the bubbles I gave myself an all over scrub - using the exfoliating gloves that my mum gave me a Christmas - I then covered myself from head to toe in body cream and got into my pj's. I got dinner ready and then together we cleared up before watching "P.S. I Love You".

I LOVED the book (I read it a few years ago) I enjoyed the film but, to me, it was nothing like the book. Well apart from the bit about her husband...... oh and the letters!
However, I have to say that I did manage to put that to the one side and just watch. It is a lovely little film and it was prefect for a snuggly Saturday evening. But what really made it for me was the FABULOUS wardrobe that Hillary Swank has. The dresses, the hats (amazing hats - that looked so stylish) the coats and the shoes! Oh the shoes.

Sunday was just a perfect day for me, I got up early and headed straight to the supermarket (did not go last week so I needed everything) it was lovely and quiet and I got everything that I wanted. I was home before 10am so my bf helped me unpack and put the food away, I put some laundry in the washing machine and then we had breakfast together.
After a quick clear up we headed out to collect my bf's work van. It was parked at his office (4.5 miles away) but he needed it every early Monday morning and we decided to get out and about while the weather had calmed down a bit. It was a great walk (we did it in an hour) although it was very windy at parts.

The rest of the day was spent heading out with the bf and his new camera when it was dry and lounging, eating and having a go at making some jewellery.

Here is what I did (not too bad for the very first attempt??).


Milly said...

the earrings are very pretty

The Daily Wear said...

Love them!! You should sell them. I would buy both pairs!!