Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Quick update.

I went to the Library and joined last night after work. I took out 2 books on gardening (so as well as saving money it is helping with my green fingers) and one that I was undecided about buying from Amazon - Up all night by Carmen Reid.

I then went home and made Chilli stuffed peppers for dinner, using left-over Chilli that I had frozen a few weeks ago. This was both healthy and much less wasteful - making it good for us and budget friendly.
After dinner we went out our evening walk for 30 minutes and then we played stupid games on the Wii - so we managed to squeeze in moving more too.

To top it all I went back to Weight Watchers for the first time since Christmas Eve and I have managed to lose another 2lbs - I am very, very happy.

I just hope that I do not crash and burn with all of this "good" that I am doing!!!


ohthatgirl said...

Whoot! Keep it up. I keep forgettig that playing Wii would totally count as 'moving more'...I'm off to "exercise". ;o)

Boutique Girl said...

Moving is moving!! It all counts in my book!!

SHOEGAL said...

I love Carmen Reid but I've not read that one, let me know if it's good. Have you read 'The Personal Shopper' by her?

Boutique Girl said...

Shoegal: I have read the personal shopper books after you mentioning them on your blog. I loved them both so when I saw this (think this was the first book she wrote) I grabbed it! I will let you know what it is like!