Monday, 5 January 2009

Monday 05.01.


I am so happy that 2009 is here and so far all is well. 2008 did not end up too great in our household so we are very much embracing the new year and a nice fresh start, we have also decided to not make resolutions but make lifestyle changes.

I have really, really enjoyed my break over the festive period and I feel refreshed and raring to go. The time at home with my bf was so precious, we get very little time together so we made the most of it (well we think so anyway). We decided to miss out the sales and the busy shops, we avoided pubs and bars and we suited ourselves instead of trying to accept all invites of parties, drinks and meals.
Instead we slept a lot, we ate a lot (but all home cooked meals like stews and soups - yum!) we spent time with both of our families, we got out and got ourselves lots and lots of fresh air and exercise and then when we were happily worn out and full we got comfy on the sofa and watched loads of movies.


As lovely as it was I am very glad to be back to the normal routine today. In a strange way it was nice to get up with an alarm this morning! It is also nice to really put thought into my outfit again. I have spent a LOT of time in old jeans and yoga pants lately.

Today's outfit is:

Grey pinstripe trousers - Blendshe
Plum bib front top - Blendshe
Grey long cardigan - Vila
Necklaces - H&M/Primark
Grey shoe boots - Armani Exchange


SHOEGAL said...

Welcome back! I'm loving the grey/purple combo at the moment too. And I know what you mean about dressing up a little too.

Boutique Girl said...

This has been one of my favorite colour combos for a while! I feel great today, very professional!