Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wednesday 21.01.

My loathing of this awful month continues........
Today has been so quiet, I have hardly seen anyone all day. Roll on home time!
It would maybe help me a bit if the media would stop banging on about how bad the financial situation of this country is.......

On a brighter note the bf and I are having a little date night tonight and heading off to the cinema (you have to love Orange Wednesday) to see either "Yes man" or " Role Models". My bf is going to decide before we go - I am not bothered what we see (my suggestion of "Bride Wars" was completely ignored).

Today's outfit is:

Black Chiffon Dress - Vila
Black long Cardigan - Vila
Orange tights - SkunkFunk
Orange scarf - eBay
Black wedges - Faith


Anonymous said...

Hopefully sales will be up soon! They drone on and on about how bad the economy is here in the states too, but since I am still employed and nothing about my financial situation (besides my 401k dwindling daily) has changed I am still shopping and doing my best to keep the economy going!! :-)
Love the orange! Have fun tonight. I have heard Role Models is ridiculously funny, but I haven't seen either.

My Shenanigans said...

Oh I love the pop of color with the tights and scarf, it's unexpected but it really works

SHOEGAL said...

Love the orange & black!

My film suggestions are usually ignored too, especially when they are chick flicks.

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you ladies for your kind comments!

Kimberly - I still have lots of customers with the same amount of cash to spend each month - I really wish they media would point out that not everyone is struggling to get by!

Fi - We went to see Yes Man which was good, but he moaned that it was nothing like the book!!!!