Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesday 20.01.

I HATE January!!

I read in the newspaper that yesterday was the most depressing day of the year! Man did I feel it! I had such a quiet day in the shop, it was wet, windy and cold outside, I am starting to get fed up with the monotony of Weight Watchers and was just generally feeling sorry for myself. In fact last night I could have burst into tears at any given moment!

But, today is a new day - already I have been busier, spoken to more people and been more productive than yesterday. I have also not been thinking about cheating on my diet! Yay! The main reason for my will power returning?? I have seen THE dress that I want to wear to my friend's wedding in April! I know that want is the wrong word but I really, really WANT this dress!!

Today's outfit is:

Brown ribbed leggings - Forever 21
Brown & Blue cowl neck tunic - Forever 21
Brown cardigan - Forever 21
Brown boots - Faith
Necklace - Molten
Earrings - Made by me


Sara♥ said...

That dress is so gorgeous! Whenever you feel like cheating... think about that dress and how bad you want it and how great it will look on you!!

The Daily Wear said...

I wnat that dress too! Buy it!! You'll look fab in it!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit! And your hair is so cute!