Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesday 27.01.

Another casual day for me today. I knew that I was getting 3 boxes of new stock delivered today - and that means lots of steaming, hanging, moving, clearing, displaying etc......
So, I thought it was better to go for a casual and comfy look that is very practical instead of something that I am working against.

Today's outfit is:

Jeans - Vila
Turquoise cami - H&M
Coral jumper - Blendshe
Coral ballet flats - Topshop
Turquoise necklace - Primark


My Shenanigans said...

This outfit looks great on you!! You can tell you've lost some weight!!

SHOEGAL said...

Love the mix of coral & turquoise.

Stacy said...

I really do love that necklace!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments!
I love the coral and turquoise combo!