Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday 17.07.

Friday already what a quick week, not that I am complaining I really am looking forward to a nice lazy day around the house on Sunday!! And then on Monday I have a day off, and it is the start of me being off every Monday from now on! After almost 2 years of working 6 days a week I am super excited to have some time off to spend with friends and some time in the house, I have really missed spending time just chilling out reading or cooking!

It has turned pretty drizzly and miserable (but it is still hot) here and I was really unsure about what to wear this morning. Not for long though, I opened the wardrobe door and this dress was just staring me in the face. Decision made.

Today's outfit is:

Printed cotton dress - Vila
Black sandals - Primark (what did I wear before I bought these??)
Necklace - eBay


Passion4Fashion said...

LOVE THE DRESS as always!

Kyla said...

Great dress! And yes it is a poop bag holder :) It has saved us many times.

Anonymous said...

first-time poster, though i have viewed your blog for a while. love this dress!

SHOEGAL said...

Fab dress and the fake tan looks great!

Milly said...

Cute dress!

Kimberly said...

What a super cute dress! Love the green!