Monday, 27 July 2009

This Weekend.

I do not often post about what I have done with my weekends, but this weekend was lovely and a rather big occasion in our house! Bista got to go outside walking for the first time!

Saturday evening we did not do much other than eat a yummy dinner, have a nice walk along the beach with ice cream and then lounge on the sofa! It was just fabulous.

Sunday was the big day. As usual we were all up very early, so we had a yummy hot cooked breakfast before getting ready for the outing.
We had decided to head to a local park for a walk, which is lovely but it had been very wet and we ended up with one very mucky puppy!

Bista got on very well. She walked well on the lead and was not at all bothered by the harness. She had great fun licking the puddles and chasing leaves and just walking about smelling and seeing all kinds of new things! It was lovely to see her so excited.
Here is a picture of my 2 favorite people.
When we got home Bista fell into a nice long sleep so my bf and I headed out into the garden to tidy up a bit and check on the greenhouse.

And look what we got.........
A yummy home grown strawberry each!!


Amber said...

Aww, she's just adorable :) The first few times we took Rubin out walking as a pup, he was absolutely terrified - he just couldn't fathom all that space! Now, of course, we can barely keep him inside the house...

Sher said...

She still is the cutest! How does she like a bath?