Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thursday 02.07.

I have been feeling like I have kind of lost my style a bit lately and I do not like it! So last night, before heading home, I wandered round the shop and picked up some new bits and bobs for me to wear each day.

This skirt is one of the styles. They have been in stock for a little while and I have always like it, but never taken one as red is not a colour that I wear. I have to say that I wish I had taken one ages ago - in this hot weather the light jersey fabric is perfect! I love the print too!

Today's outfit is:

Skirt - SkunkFunk @ i am.....
White wrap t-shirt - BlendShe @ i am.....
Sandals - eBay
Bangle - Primark


Stacy said...

I like the big picture... and great look!!

SJs Mommy said...

You look adorable. Love it, the skirt, the shoes..the whole thing!

Milly said...

nice skirt

Sher said...

What a pretty pattern. Reminds me of yearly lines inside a tree. (I know I can be weird sometimes LOL)

I have a fave Jersey skirt that I wear in the summer. Sometimes as a skirt, other times as a bathing suit cover up. I just wear it up higher ;)