Friday, 4 December 2009

Thursday 03.12.


I was only in a half day yesterday and there was so much going on that I did not get a chance to post, but thankfully I did snap a quick picture.

It has turned so dark outside since the clocks changed and we changed the light bulbs to more energy efficient ones that my pictures are turning out a bit dark at the moment. I apologise and I will try and see what I can do about it!

Yesterday was all about the cozy! Since our return from sunny Florida I have not been able to heat up! This jumper was on the pile for hand washing - so I thought I would whip it out and give it one more wear before washing! I hate hand washing!!

Thursday's outfit was:

Skinny Jeans - Vila
Grey t-shirt - BlendShe @ i am.....
Cream Jumper - River Island
Scarf - Forever 21
Boots - Faith


ShopKim said...

Looking good!! Very pretty sweater and scarf. I agree that it's always so much harder to get warm after going from a warm sunny spot back to cold. To lighten my pictures, I usually adjust the EV level (although I have no idea what that stands for!) before snapping. Maybe that will help?

Kyla said...

That sweater looks soooo cute and cozy. I could use that right about now!

Kendra said...

Look at that itty-bitty baby bump showing up!! Love it....