Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wednesday 16.12.


I watched the first episode of Glee last night and I have to say that I loved it! It was just a sneak peak as it does not start until the new year, but I can not wait for it to start properly. It is such a sweet show!

Another week and my (non-maternity) skinny jeans still fit (yay) and are still comfy (double yay). So, I thought I would throw on a long sleeved t-shirt and this fab new cardigan that came into stock last week. It is a beautiful fine knit, it is drapey and it is striped - perfect for throwing on over the coming months!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny Jeans - Vila
Grey t-shirt - BlendShe
Stripe cardigan - Vila @ i am.....
Scarf - H&M
Hat - River Island
Shoes - American Eagle

I did take pictures with my winter woolies off, but they were all a bit too blurry. So you have to make do with the outfit plus hat and scarf!!

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Sher said...

Love the hat scarf along with that lovely sweater. Certainly stylish for the season :)

ShopKim said...

Still looking fabulous! That's fantastic that you have stuff that still fits. That cardi is great. That must be a lot of fun to have new clothes around to be able to try every season!

Kyla said...

That cardigan is freakin' amazing!

Stacy said...

Seriously, the episodes after the pilot are better. You're going to LOVE it!!

Ash said...

Stripes and a beret. Very Parisian!