Thursday, 16 October 2008

Blog Award

I have been awarded an "I love your blog" award by Erica at Fickle Brown Sparrow.
I still find it hard to believe that people actually read my blog. It was started at the beginning of this year to help me get out of the fashion rut that I was in, help me come out of my comfort zone (I had previously always had to wear a uniform to work) and to monitor how often I was wearing outfits.

The rules are as follows:
1.The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
2.Link to the person who awarded you.
3.Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4.Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

So, I nominate:

Living The Fabulous Life - I love the way that Elisabeth mixes high end fashion with supermarket finds, while looking after a 3 year old.

Shoegal - I have found someone that owns more shoes than me, and she always wears them so well!

Domestic Sophisticate - These girls really know how to find a bargain and put together great looks.

The Penny Pinching Princess - I love the put together looks that are worn day to day!

Work With What You've Got - I have only just found this blog, but I love Erin's style!

What That Girl Blogs - I love What That Girl Wears too, but What That Girl Blogs makes me laugh out loud!

Rodellee Blogs About Life - I love the Boho/vintage look that she does so, so well.

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Work With What You've Got said...

Oh thank you! I'll have to really think on this a bit!~