Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Meme - Tagged.

I have been tagged by Allie at My Wardrobe Today who wants to know 11 things about me! I have never done one of these before, but as I was tagged by the lady who inspired me to blog, here goes!

Eleven Things About Me:

1. Clothes Shop: At the moment it is French Connection. The truly good news is that I will be a stockist of the brand as of January 09!! Loving this dress at the moment!!

2. Furniture Shop: Is lovely little boutique home and interiors shop just along the street from me - it is called The Mix. However, I do also love Habitat.

3. Sweet: This one was a bit of a thinker - I am not a sweet tooth. But, I do love a Drifter (with a cup of hot tea).

4. City: Hands down Paris. It is the most amazing place I have ever been. It was not a place that I ever wanted to go, but my bf took me for a surprise weekend, it was the first place we went together and the most fabulous place I have ever been. I loved sitting in a street cafe with a glass of wine people watching! Us in the Louvre!

5. Drink: I do not have a favorite, I have lots of them!! All time and daily fix is good old Diet Coke. I was introduced to the Mojito in Cuba last year - YUM. I also like a Strawberry Mule cocktail after dinner instead of a desert.

6. Music: At the moment I can not get enough of The Kings Of Leon! But my music taste is the most varied ever. My work playlist contains: Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Elton John, Def Leopard, Lenny Kravitz, Lost Prophets, Mariah Carey, The Killers, Abba, Justin Timberlake, Kylie, Queen...........

7. TV Series: Anything that has Gordon Ramsay in it (this comes originally from a love of cookery shows). I also religiously watch/Sky+ Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, Mary Queen of Shops, Sex and the City (yes even though it is over and I have them all on DVD), America & Britain's Next Top Model, CSI Miami and my guilty pleasure is Hollyoaks!!

8. Film: I am not a film lover (hangs head in shame) I find I lose concentration and want to chat, which just annoys whoever I am with. But, I do love The Goonies, Aladdin (he is a hot Disney character) and How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

9. Workout: I quit the gym recently as there are far better things that I wanted to do with the little free time that I have. Now my work out is walking. We live 2 streets away from the beach and I love to walk up and down taking in the views etc.

10. Pastries: Again, not a sweet tooth, but I have been known to head to Greggs for a sugar fix when extremely hungover. Then it is always a Custard Slice!!

11. Coffee: I hope that when I am a grown up I will develop a taste for coffee but I can not stand it - I love the smell. I am a tea drinker (probably a bit too much).

Ok, so now I nominating: Shoegal, School Gate Chic, Living the Fabulous Life, Work that Wardrobe and The Penny Pinching Princess.


Stacy said...

I'm with you on the city, music and coffee. And, I'm jealous about Cuba... if only the US government would lift the embargo.

Allie said...

Great list! I am loving the Kings of Leon too! :)

SHOEGAL said...

Done my list now. Paris was the first place my young man and I went away together too.