Thursday, 9 October 2008

Check These Out!!!

I had totally forgotten about ordering them - what a fabulous surprise this morning when I opened the big box!!!!

I had been easing myself into the coloured tights trend - not any more! One of the reasons that I have not been too adventurous so far is the cost of the coloured tights. Most of them are retailing at over £5.00 per pair (I am aware that this is not a fortune, but for something that you are not too sure if you are going to love it is a bit steep. And we are in a Credit Crunch people!?).

So, to get back to the point, a huge perk of being the boss I just took my 2 favorite colours for myself. Even better than that is I am retailing these beauties at a tiny £3.75!!!!

They are by the brand SkunkFunk, the quality is amazing (much better than my Primark and Matalan ones. Think M&S luxury!!!) the colours are so vibrant and they come in a cute little mesh bag (which I think will make a good handbag make-up bag). Some of them are pictured here!

Oh, and just in case you are wondering - I have taken a pair in purple and a pair in orange. This has lead to the purchase of an orange scarf, that I hope arrives tomorrow so that I can wear my black dress with my orange flashes on Saturday!!


Stacy said...

I could definitely see myself wearing the red ones!

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

I "heart" tights! The colors are so vibrant.

SHOEGAL said...

Great colours and I love the mesh bags. My drawers have really rough undersides at the front and in my overstuffed tights drawer, the tights are forever getting snagged. These bags are a fab idea.

*A* said...

Does skunkfunk sell online (or do you?) I'm in California, and have never heard of the brand, but I love those tights!