Monday, 20 October 2008


Early post as I am heading to Glasgow at lunchtime to go and buy some styles for Summer 09!! I could not feel less like buying clothes for summer, it is blowing a gale outside and the temperature has really dropped in the last few days! But in an hour I need to get my hot and sunny head on and go for it!!

My weekend was way too quick, but good. Saturday night my bf and I had a lovely dinner and watched the X factor as planned, we caught up on some things that we had on Sky+ too. It was then up and out early yesterday to get the supermarket shopping (my bf is home this week so proper food was needed). We then headed to my bf's sister's house where all of his family were meeting (including 4 week baby nephew). It was a lovely afternoon (lots of baby cuddles and cupcakes) so nice for my bf to have all of his family in the one place!

I am now hoping that my appointment goes quickly so that I can get home and get the house in order before dinner time! But, we will have to see how things go!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny jeans - Vila
Brown bib detail t-shirt - Vila
Leopard print cardigan - Forever 21
Suede bomber jacket - River Island
Leopard print beret - Oasis (I am so in love with this)
Leopard print ballet flats - Primark
Wooden bead jewellery - Plume


Anonymous said...

I am in love with your leopard print beret also! So cute!

workthatwardrobe said...

Summer BRRR! I can't wait.

Work With What You've Got said...

That beret is ADORE-A-BLE!~

Boutique Girl said...

I am still quite new to hats - only started to wear them last winter and it is so nice that you guys like it! I always wonder if people are laughing on the inside as I walk past!